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Our first steps on the market

Our history begins back in January 2013 in India with a vision to build a strong community of talented people capable of managing and handling the technology to support enterprises and industry growth in our local community.

The aim is to build self confidence in people and equipped them with a strong knowledge that will set them free to entrepreneurship mentality in developing solutions that will support local industry’s growth.

Further development

December 2013, our first class was conducted by Mr Yannick KIHUYA the founder and CEO of Netconnect in DRC where more than 20 students from universities attended.

Company acquisition

Later on, in 2017 Netconnect delivered his first solution to a multinational organization with a successful result that maid Netconnect one of the trusted partner IT services.

2018, Netconnect introduced his customized program to match the real-life challenge and requirement that face enterprise in a daily basics.